Kids learn through play. We all do! We combine our background in child development with our love of game design to create fun, imaginative apps your kids will love.

Quality matters. In the tradition of our favorite children’s books, we’re working with artists we love to bring our apps to life.

Privacy matters. Shortstack values your privacy. We do not collect or share any information about you and your children. See our complete Privacy Policy here.


Carolyn Merriman Founder, Game Designer, Producer

Carolyn founded Shortstack with the focus of creating developmentally appropriate, high quality apps for young children. Carolyn draws on her background in child development, film and interactive media to design fun games built around educational goals and developmental milestones. She previously worked as an educator in the non-profit sector, promoting the healthy development of children 0-6. In recent years, she’s applied her skills to interactive media. While working with Night & Day Studios, she produced Peekaboo Barn and Peekaboo Wild, two top-selling kids’ apps featured in The New York Times, USA Today and Wired.

Divya Srinivasan Illustrator for Hello, Baby Animals!, Splish Splash Inn and Shortstack website

Divya is an illustrator and animator who has done work for New Yorker magazine, Sufjan Stevens, and This American Life. She animated several music shorts for They Might Be Giants’ DVDs for children, and has made videos for Sundance Channel, Weird Al Yankovic and The Octopus Project. Divya was one of 30 animators to work on the feature film Waking Life. She is the author of Little Owl’s Night, Octopus Alone, and Little Owl’s Day (Viking Children’s Books). You can see some of her work at pupae.com/portfolio.

Ian Berry Illustrator for Photo Safari!

Ian grew up recreating and expanding the narratives of countless afternoon cartoons along the cliffs of a seaside California town. This passion for imaginative adventure turned into a career of creating worlds for the animation, video game and toy industries. His clients have included Broderbund, Activision, LucasFilm, and Sprig Toys. Currently he lives far from those surf kissed cliffs, happily painting, animating, and sketching the dense textured metropolis of New York City. Check out his work here ianscottberry.com.

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