Photo Safari

Photo Safari!

“Photo Safari! is a great app for kids who just can’t get enough of learning animal names. Your kids will love it! ”– AppAdvice

“Wonderful… Adorable” – MyAppinions

Calling all animal lovers ages 2-6!  Join Harvey the safari tour guide and search for monkeys, lions, tigers, peacocks, hedgehogs, kangaroos, snakes and more! Fill your photo album with pictures of animals you’ve found!

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What’s educational about it? Visual spatial processing is the ability to tell the difference between like objects. It’s the ability to tell the difference between p’s and q’s or horses and donkeys. It’s a critical skill for reading, math and writing. Watch your child start to identify new animals and distinguish them from other like animals. Talk with your child about what makes each animal unique! The app also has a spelling function that can be turned on or off in the settings menu. The “Meet the Animals” section is great for little ones, who might want to use the app just to browse through different animals, hearing their names and the sounds they make. The app has 50 different animals, many which will be new to children, like sloths, porcupines, and hedgehogs. Get it now!

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