Splish Splash Inn

Splish Splash Inn

”Splish Splash Inn, from Shortstack, is one of those great educational-but-your-kids-will-never-know-it apps that we really love.” – Cool Mom Tech

MSNBC.com named it one of their favorite entertaining and educational apps for kids!

Splish Splash Inn is a magical underwater hotel full of beautifully illustrated musical sea creatures that teach your child to count in English, Spanish, or French! Great for toddlers and preschoolers.

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What’s educational about it? Counting from 1 – 10 is different from understanding the actual quantities 1-10; kids need to practice associating numbers with the quantities they represent. As simple as it sounds, this is actually rather abstract! Studies show that exposing kids to numbers at an early age may actually help kids perform better in school later in life. Splish Splash Inn makes this fun and easy. The app also introduces kids to names of new sea creatures, like jellyfish, starfish and manta rays. The app is also a playful way for children to make music. Encourage your children to stay for a while in the rooms, seeing what songs they can make with the different sea creatures! Exploring musical creativity with children is a great way to plant creative seeds and encourage focus. Get it now!

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